Looking to explore local food, events, tours and discounts from an insider’s perspective? i-Torontolife is an app designed for travellers and locals to help discover all the listings above and even more! It provides the most up-to-date information with its main focus on the Chinese community. The guidance and suggestions are gathered by a variety of Torontonians, who can either be a foodie or simply a person who enjoys life and is willing to share their unique experiences on food, travel, events and discounts. i-Torontolife guides you to discover the City of Toronto in a diverse way to make your experience engaging while your stay.


  • The cumulative users have more than 20,000;
  • 90% of users are from the GTA area;
  • Male to female ratio is 2:8;
  • Target on young people who love to share and enjoy all beer and skittles.

Platform Data

  • Over 20,000 the cumulative users;
  • Daily active user reached 2,000;
  • Headline article average views is over 2,000.
  • Non-headline article average views is over 1,000.



Advertorial Rates

Headline pop-up$200/day
Headline Banner$2000/week
Headline Advertorial$1000
Discount Page Advertorial$100/day
Discount Page Advertorial$200
Push notificationss$200/day

*If you offer the copy, please send to us directly through xiumi, other forms will be charged production fees.


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